What makes WEN® different?

The concept of not using shampoo is something Chaz began to implement in 1993. He had been a hairstylist/colourist since 1985 and began to develop products for other hair companies in 1986. Seeing the results of clients using certain shampoos, he knew something had to change.

Due to the harsh detergents and sodium laurel/laureth sulfates found in many shampoos, he noticed clients were experiencing:

  • rapid colour fading/stripping
  • dull, lifeless, frizzy and dry hair
  • dry scalps

That was when he started to implement his new concept in cleansing, eliminating the detergents and sodium laurel sulfates that lather and strip your hair, and introduced the WEN® product line to the world. 



  Benefits to your hair using WEN®

  • Cleanses without lathering; it adds sheen, lustre, moisture and manageability to the hair.

  • Improved colour retention.

  • Enriched with the perfect balance of herbs and botanicals, not only cleansing your hair, but also moisturising and adding sheen.

  • WEN® is the only cleanser/conditioner you will need to use in your daily routine.