What is chemical free shampoo?

If, like most people, you are used to using shampoos and conditioners which contain strong detergents, rather than a chemical free shampoo, you might perhaps find it quite strange at first to wash with a product that doesn’t lather very much. Because people tend to see lather as a measure of effectiveness, they often feel that a lack of lather means the product isn’t working.

However, consider the condition of your hair. Many common skin and hair complaints are actually caused by the chemical products people use to try and deal with the problem. If you have been struggling with scalp itchiness or flakiness, or dry or frizzy hair, it is more than likely that you are suffering because of the long-term impact of detergents on your skin and hair.

You may not realise that your hair can be just as clean, and far healthier, if you stopped using these detergents and their attendant suds, and opted for a chemical free shampoo instead.

Why all shampoo should be chemical free

It’s true, these chemical detergents are indeed effective cleansing agents and very cheap. They are so effective that your hair could be covered in tar or motor oil and your current shampoo would still clean it, which begs the question: do you really need such cleaning power?

The dangers of these detergents have yet to be quantified, but what is certain is that they are known irritants and have been proven to penetrate both the skin and hair, causing internal changes to the human body. They have the ability to denature hair proteins and to mimic the hormone oestrogen.

Furthermore, sodium sulphates have been shown to bind with nitrates - a common ingredient in many skin and hair care products - to form a carcinogenic substance. They are known to cause cataracts in the human eye, and are thought to contribute to male infertility.

Chemical free shampoo - the future of hair care

Even apart from all these dangers, detergents strip the hair of its natural protective lipids. These are the natural molecules which protect hair from disintegration caused by the elements.

In fact, using these harsh detergents is the equivalent of scrubbing your skin until it is raw. Of course, it is then very clean but actually you have scrubbed away its natural protective covering, so that it is exposed to the elements and vulnerable to damage.

It is only a matter of time before all cosmetics companies and consumers realise the harm they are doing to skin and hair, and start to appreciate that natural products not only work just as well - but are actually better.

At the moment, though, WEN® is one of very few companies to have understood this, and our WEN® cleansing conditioner is truly revolutionary. Choose WEN®products, such as our chemical free shampoo, for the sake of your hair - and your health.